B-Movies A-Hoy! – White House Down & The Call

There are two types of B-movie – the big, brash and bold, and the simple idea followed through until the end – and this double bill provided me with one of each. White House Down is the second ‘terrorists take… Continue Reading

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

If you don’t know who Alan Partridge is then shame on you, but at least you have a brilliantly funny journey to set yourself on. Alan (the comic creation of Steve Coogan) is a sports reporter, turned chat show host,… Continue Reading

The Best and Worst Films of 2012

The best and worst films of 2012 I saw 59 films at the cinema in 2012, plus another 2 that were released at the cinema during the year at home. I also have Berberian Sound Studio on blu ray waiting to… Continue Reading