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This page is the hub of all the pages I have produced about the Chatterbowl Fantasy Football Competition and provides links to all the information available.

Firstly – ESPN Fantasy Football – this is where the league is.

COACH OF THE YEAR VOTINGThe form is here. The format is different this year. You have a total of 15 points to award. You can split them across as many of the other 15 coaches you like (3 minimum). The person with the most points wins the title.

Stats from the Chatterbowl II season!

Then we have the History & Records from the Chatterbowl

2013/14 Pre-Season Power Rankings

Stats from Chatterbowl I

Pick Six 2013/14 is here!! What is this? It’s where you pick the results of 6 games each week. The 6 games are determined by Paolo Bandini of the Guardian. Everyone who enters is committing to coughing up £5 to the eventual victor. I am the defending champion after a tie break with Ben Archer in the 2012/13 series.

My welcome and explanation of the structure imposed on the league for Chatterbowl II

Some guidance on trading draft picks in the lead-up to the Chatterbowl II Fantasy Draft

Some thoughts and analysis on the first round of the fantasy draft – agree or disagree, I care not.

A raw draft board with the ESPN projections for the top players in each position, along with the initial draft order can be found here.


The 2012/13 Pick Six page is here

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