Pre-Season Power Rankings!

2013/14 Pre-Season Power Rankings

Based on extensive research of player point projections – not done by me, you understand, but the good people at who have aggregated the point projections from 8 (count them) different sources – I have produced pre-season power rankings.

Basically, I have gone through every team, found the point projections for their players, then selected the top scoring players for each position to get a total. No, it doesn’t take into account bye weeks, or picking players based on match-ups, or injuries or anything like that. But it gives an indication of who drafted well and who’s going to be picking nice and early in the 2014 draft.

Oh, and I only looked at QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs. For two reasons. One, the site didn’t have projections for DSTs, and two, projecting kickers is pointless. Anyway, these are the positions that count.

The full detail is in the googledoc embedded below, but as a nice summary, here’s the table. It doesn’t look pretty.

1 Mat Ward 1267.2
2 Max Cubberley 1235.3
3 Jay Kelly 1233.1
4 Mark Simpson 1212.3
5 Ian Kuklowsi 1211.2
6 Neil Hawke 1206.8
7 Dan Smith 1204.8
8 James Goodson 1201.3
9 David Slater 1201.0
10 Chris Braithwaite 1200.8
11 Ben Archer 1197.4
12 Pete Conaghan 1184.8
13 Geoffrey Manboob 1169.2
14 Benjamin Hendy 1147.0
15 Phil Malcolm 1119.9
16 Dan Sayles 1113.5

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