Until I get better at this, I’m going to have a separate page of links to other people’s sites that I think you should head to. So here we go:

The Fire Knight Trilogy by Mike Barnes – Mike is a good friend of mine, to the extent that he foolishly invited me to be his best man, and he is currently writing his own fantasy trilogy. This is his website, featuring some great artwork (the man can draw!) as well as a blog of his progress and some early excerpts from the first book.

Madam J-Mo’s blog – Madam J-Mo is another good friend. She’s a Bristol based blogger, writing about pop culture and feminism, sometimes at the same time. She also runs the What The Frock women’s comedy nights – these are comedy nights featuring female performers, not nights just for women, so head along guys.

The Beltheron Pathway by Chris Connaughton – Look – I don’t want to be too sycophantic here, by Chris is yet another good friend. Chris has completed his Beltheron trilogy, details of which can be found here. Chris is also a very talented performer and storyteller, having written, acted in and directed many shows, mainly aimed at a children and young adult audience.

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