Alun Cochrane: Moments of Alun

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Live Comedy: Alun Cochrane @ Forest Arts Centre, New Milton, January 9, 2013


My partner and I head to a fair few comedy shows, and, as part of this reviewing-spree I’m on, you should be seeing some posts about those we head to in 2013. This is just going to be a short review of the very funny Alun Cochrane’s current show, Moments of Alun. I’m aware that what I am going to go on to say may sound a little like damning with faint praise, so let me just say that this was a very entertaining hour or so in his presence and, if you get the chance to see him you should take it.

There isn’t really a theme to the show, barring the broad and all-encompassing title, unless you want to count Alun’s disappointment at the sale of just 72 tickets for the show (something he returned to a few times, almost seeming to blame those of us who had come along). Alun’s style is quite laconic and, in common with many comedians, is to vent his annoyance at the world. His targets are perhaps more unusual than many – no “bits & bobs drawer” for him – he picks out an array of 14 Alan Titchmarshes on display in B&Q (not 13, that wouldn’t have the requisite impact, but 15 is overkill – it’s been focus-grouped) and his annoyance at how having a dog makes him the friend to all other dog owners.

He’s not one for great flights of fancy a la Eddie Izzard or for the deft wordplay of Dylan Moran, nor is his material satirical, but those aren’t the only directions for comedy. Alun comes across as someone who would make a very amusing pub companion, someone who could spin a tale and keep a table in laughter for hours. And that’s where this feels like a backhanded compliment but trust me, it isn’t. An hour in his company is a pleasure.


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